ADR Reading List: Tania Sourdin, Alternative Dispute Resolution

John Woodward’s recommendation for the ADR Reading List is Tania Sourdin, Alternative Dispute Resolution (4th ed, Thomson Reuters, 2012).

I would have to say that the book which opened my eyes to the possibilities of ADR (after 30 years of legal practice as a litigator) and which encouraged me to read more widely was Sourdin’s book on Alternative Dispute Resolution.  I also like Spencer and Hardy’s Dispute Resolution in Australia

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About Jonathan Crowe

Jonathan Crowe is Professor of Law at Bond University. His research explores the philosophical relationship between law and ethics, looking at issues such as the nature and foundations of legal obligation and the role of ethics in legal reasoning.

One thought on “ADR Reading List: Tania Sourdin, Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. As another year draws to a close, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that we have not yet succeeded in teaching the legal profession about how to engage authentically with ADR processes. Some of the processes which masquerade as “mediation” are in truth little more than mini trials where counsel gather to exchange “position papers” and argue the strengths of their respective cases with little or no participation from their clients. I hope that, as a community, we will be able in some small measure to influence the development of ADR in the shadow of the court where disputes are most deeply entrenched and the parties in most dire need. That is my hope for the future development of ADR.


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