National Mediation Conference Canberra 15 – 17 April 2019

“Over the Horizon: Expanding the Dispute Resolution Landscape”

Celebrating 25 years of NMC


Mountain tops 2018

The Conference Design Committee is focused on providing a landmark conference that will interest equally the seasoned professionals as well as the new comers, and has already flagged its lean towards innovation by suggesting some new integrated conference streams devoted to: innovation in the sector, indigenous issues, Restorative Justice, and research and education.  These will complement the traditional areas and topics.  The Committee is keen to see all areas of the sector being welcomed to the conference, including lawyers, conciliators, academics, and facilitators.

Members of the Conference Design Committee come from all around Australia, and include some of Australia’s top DR thinkers; there are people who have worked on previous NMC events, and people who are new to the task.  Each brings their own expertise to contribute to the design and population of the conference.  In addition to designing the conference program, they are overseeing preparation of the Call for Papers, which is scheduled for distribution in July this year, and have agreed to apply their own rigour to the final selection of presentations.  Consideration is also being given to ensuring the conference program and format can meet the needs and expectations of DR academics.

The Committee is intent on designing a conference that:

  • reinvigorates this important DR event
  • maintains a balance between practice and theory/research; between interactive and didactic presentation formats; and between formal and informal styles of presentation
  • takes into account the application of DR skills in areas that are not focused on disputes and conflict

All power to the Conference Design Committee.

NMC Ltd is a company with statutory responsibilities.  A Board of Directors has been appointed, on a voluntary basis, to oversee this aspect of the conference, and is undertaking a comprehensive review of the company’s governance, constitution, protocols, and purpose.  Although this is very much a “behind the scenes” activity, it is pivotal to NMC Ltd’s ongoing viability.  Thank you to the Board of Directors, and, in particular, to Professor Laurence Boulle AM for Chairing the Board.

Conference Logistics is the professional conference organiser for NMC2019, and they are providing valuable administrative and logistical support for both the Conference Design Committee and NMC Ltd’s Board of Directors.  Their staff are currently working on a conference design/logo that celebrates the silver anniversary, and on developing a dedicated website that will enable registration for the automatic receipt of email updates in the lead-up to NMC2019.

In summary, the Conference Design Committee is already focusing on attracting, and welcoming, all areas of the sector; ensuring that DR research is an integral part of the package; and taking an innovative approach to the design and content of what is already shaping up to be a great event.

We may have been late out of the blocks, but you can already smell the excitement.

[illustration copyright 2018 ABoyle]



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About AlysounBoyle

Alysoun is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle Law School, investigating mediator effectiveness. She is a member of the ADR Research Network, ADRAC, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Law and Society Association (USA). She was a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Research on Mediator Techniques until that Task Force's disbandment following publication of its Final Report in 2017. The Final Report included recommendations for future activity in the field of mediation research, and Alysoun continues to work with other key former Task Force members to progress those recommendations. Alysoun is a member of ADRA, and a former Director of Resolution Institute. She is a Co-Convenor of the National Mediation Conference being held in Canberra in 2019, and is Chair of the Conference Design Committee. She is an experienced DR practitioner and educator/trainer. She is also the Training Officer and Call-Out Officer for her local brigade in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Contact:

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