This will be a remarkable event.  Not only 11 national and international Plenary Speakers.  Not only more than 130 national and international presentations.  Not only more than 500 delegates to catch up with, or to lose yourself among.

But also a Welcome Function with views to die for.  A cocktail party with the Australian Government Solicitor.  An informal dinner at a smokehouse that just happens to be a winery, too.  A (competitive) poetry slam.  And a farewell function to wrap it all up.

Pre-conference workshops to refresh your practical skills.  Not only traditional presentations, but opportunities to contribute and to take part: mini-workshops, collaborative conversations, interactive panels.  Child-inclusive FDR; ethical complexities in Elder Mediation; perspectives on leadership; unexpected applications for restorative practice; what’s happening in conciliation; research and you; younger people, older people, and everyone else.  And illuminations from other countries, other cultures, other societies.

And three journals calling for papers from the conference: the ADRJ, The University of Newcastle Law Review, and the Bond Law Review.

And the ADRRN NMC2019 Blogfest.

Phew!  Thank goodness the Easter break is so close – you’ll have earned a rest.


[© A. Boyle 2018]

Get on to it, before it’s too late:


Please do contribute to our Indigenous Delegate Support Fund while you’re registering.

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About AlysounBoyle

Alysoun is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle Law School, investigating mediator effectiveness. She is a member of the ADR Research Network, ADRAC, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Law and Society Association (USA). She was a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Research on Mediator Techniques until that Task Force's disbandment following publication of its Final Report in 2017. The Final Report included recommendations for future activity in the field of mediation research, and Alysoun continues to work with other key former Task Force members to progress those recommendations. Alysoun is a member of ADRA, and a former Director of Resolution Institute. She is a Co-Convenor of the National Mediation Conference being held in Canberra in 2019, and is Chair of the Conference Design Committee. She is an experienced DR practitioner and educator/trainer. She is also the Training Officer and Call-Out Officer for her local brigade in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Contact: alysounboyle@gmail.com

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