The Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network was founded in 2012 by a group of leading dispute resolution academics from across Australia.  It provides a collaborative environment to foster, nurture and enrich high quality research and scholarship.

The Network is inclusive and forward-looking and seeks to bring together emerging, mid-career and established scholars to build excellence in the field and provide peer support. It prides itself on its collegial approach to discussing research and encourages the participation of academics at all stages of their careers.

Network activities are expressly designed to provide a supportive and collegial presentation environment in which meaningful discussion and constructive feedback is provided to the presenter.


At each annual face to face gathering, some primary responsibilities are allocated to network members for the following year. The responsibilities in 2019 are:

  • President: Lola Akin Ojelabi
  • Past President: Sue Douglas
  • Blog Editor: Olivia Rundle
  • 2019 Round Table Organisers – Lola Akin Ojelabi & Jackie Weinberg


Network activities include maintaining this ADR Research Network blog, a lively Twitter feed @ADRResearch and conducting annual scholarly round tables of work in progress.

Past activities have included a series of phone conferences about work in progress, and the Network is also supports emerging academics with mentoring.

The usual disclaimer applies to the blog – our opinions are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent those of our institutions.


The Network held its first symposium at the University of New South Wales in December 2012. Since then we have held round tables at

  • Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, December 2013 (2nd round table);
  • RMIT in Melbourne, December 2014 (3rd round table);
  • University of New South Wales, Sydney in September 2015 (4th round table);
  • University of Tasmania, Hobart in December 2016 (5th round table);
  • Legal Issues Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand (funded by Monash Law) in December 2017 (6th round table); and
  • University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in December 2018 (7th round table).


The 2019 round table will be 9-11th December 2019 at Latrobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, hosted by Lola Akin Ojelabi and Jackie Weinberg. The 2020 round table will be in December 2020 at the University of Newcastle, NSW, hosted by Professor Lisa Toohey.

If you sign up to follow our blog you will be notified about our next round table. This blog is our primary means of communicating with members.


The ADR Research Network can be contacted via the President for 2019, Dr Lola Akin Ojelabi

Guest blog post proposals are always welcome. Contact Dr Olivia Rundle.

Guidelines for our blog include that the ADRRN blog can only be used to share our own or others’ academic work. The blog should not be used to promote our commercial practices in law or dispute resolution.


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