Its nearly the New Year

As we approach the end of 2014 (and look to welcome in 2015) it is a good time to reflect on the success of the ADR Research Network.

We have had a great year, posting to our blog, researching and writing together and planning for the future.

An exciting part of the ADR Research Network year has been meeting up at RMIT in late November. At the research forum we talked through our ideas over two days. Highlights of this time were the collaborative discussions around members’ research initiatives and our planning for the future. Becky Batagol has posted of our next meeting in September 2015 and I would like to echo her enthusiasm for our first research roundtable (details to follow).

I know that 2015 will be a great year for ADR research with many researchers completing and publishing articles. I predict that cutting edge ideas will be published that will push forward theory and practice.

Happy New Year to all.


One way to “do” mediation

It can sometimes be hard to teach about mediation without an exemplar.  Video has been used in teaching negotiation and mediation for some time in tertiary education and also short course training.  Video has the benefit of providing students with the opportunity to watch and reflect on skills based content and these reflections can later be put in practice in face to face role-plays.


RMIT and the Victorian Bar Dispute Resolution committee have made a useful video to assist student learning about mediation.


You can find it at:

ADR in Legal Education

Many of us advocate the inclusion of ADR as a mandatory course in the legal curriculum both in Australia and internationally.


The current crisis in the United States legal education context makes me reflect on the fact that as students ask more of legal educators and their programs it is more important than ever that theory/skills course such as ADR are included in the curriculum.


ADR can prepare students for legal practice but also for careers that are not in the law but in associated areas.  ADR is a course that opens up possibilities.


For a discussion of the crisis in United States legal education see

The current crisis in American legal education