Who’s Who Legal 2013 – ADR Roundtable

Interesting piece from Who’s Who Legal about what is happening internationally in ADR

See http://whoswholegal.com/news/features/article/30918/roundtable-commercial-litigation-2013/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Law+Business+Research&utm_campaign=3273559_WHO+Briefing&dm_i=1KSF,1Y5W7,AVTOVS,704NI,1

Once again it looks like the take-up of ADR is more a reflection of price sensitivity than of an awakening in lawyers of where and how ADR can support their clients’ interests. Perhaps it doesn’t matter what the motivation is provided the outcome builds the platform. What the article doesn’t say (but what I suspect) is how ADR is being used. I think it is very likely that what we are seeing is simply the growth and entrenchment of the settlement mediation model.

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